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August 2009 issue of symmetry now online


We've been calling this our Manga issue because it highlights the work of Takuya Uruno, who created a physics Manga series for kids for the Japanese laboratory KEK--featured in our gallery--and also drew us a gorgeous Manga cover.

The new issue also features:

-- Youhei Morita on Manga as a learning tool.

-- Fermilab's push to develop superconducting radio-frequency technology, considered crucial for the future of particle physics.

-- How physicists at the LHC experiments are using the shutdown to their advantage

-- A choreographer translates conversations with CERN physicists into dance

-- Building better heart valves, the first in a new series on applications of accelerator technology

-- The director of Japan's Institute for the Physics and Mathematics of the Universe takes tea with the Emperor

-- As always, our departments: Signal to Background, highlights from symmetry breaking, a 60-second explanation of Cherenkov lightthoughts on physics, technology and culture from the editor-in-chief, and a logbook from the discovery of the weak neutral current. The mathematical framework that predicted the weak neutral current became known as the Standard Model of particles and their interactions.

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