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LCLS-II is coming together thanks largely to a crucial advance in the fields of particle and nuclear physics: superconducting accelerator technology.

Physics Today

Students and colleagues describe the impact of the theoretical particle physicist on their careers.


The ICARUS detector will soon start a second life seeking perhaps the strangest particles physicists have dreamed up, oddballs called sterile neutrinos.


Breakthrough Prize awarded to architects of supergravity

Three theoretical physicists have won the Breakthrough Prize for developing a way to connect general relativity with particle physics.

Crossing fields


Karen Uhlenbeck’s pioneering work marries math with physics.


Testing DAMA

An Italian experiment has a 20-year signal of what could be dark matter—and scientists are embarking on their most promising efforts yet to confirm or refute its results.


Physics in the eyes and ears of an artist

Photographer Adam Nadel started his residency at Fermilab taking the portraits he is known for, but then he found himself venturing onto new artistic ground.


Powered by pixels

An innovative use of pixel technology is making liquid-argon neutrino detectors even better. 


Gravity’s waterfall

Physicists are using analog black holes to better understand gravity.


The thrill-seeking physicist

Chang Kee Jung almost lost his way as a risk-taking student, but after a university took a chance on him, he grew into a leader in physics.


Massless particles can’t be stopped

If a particle has no mass, how can it exist?


A day in the life of a dark matter data wrangler

Maria Elena Monzani prepares an international team to search for clues to one of the biggest scientific mysteries.


Get to know 10 early-career theorists

Junior faculty in theoretical physics talk about what keeps them up at night, their favorite places to think and how they explain their jobs to nonscientists.