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Is there a dark energy particle?

A theoretical particle that adapts to its surroundings could explain the accelerating expansion of our universe.


Universe steps on the gas

A puzzling mismatch is forcing astronomers to re-think how well they understand the expansion of the universe.


#AskSymmetry Twitter chat with Risa Wechsler

See cosmologist Risa Wechsler's answers to readers' questions about dark matter and dark energy.


The contents of the universe

How do scientists know what percentages of the universe are made up of dark matter and dark energy?


Exploring the dark universe with supercomputers

Next-generation telescopic surveys will work hand-in-hand with supercomputers to study the nature of dark energy.


Is the universe getting bigger or am I getting smaller?

Physicist Jim Pivarski explains ways to think about the expansion of space.


All about supernovae

Exploding stars have an immense capacity to destroy—and create.


Q&A: Marcelle Soares-Santos

Scientist Marcelle Soares-Santos talks about Brazil, neutron stars and a love of discovery.