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Voyage into the dark sector

A hidden world of particles awaits.


Rivers in the sky

Local communities named newly discovered stellar streams for bodies of water close to home.


Not an ugly sweater party

University College London scientists make physics festive with sweaters and songs at their annual holiday gathering.


The 12 Days of Physicsmas

Add some science to your holiday carols.


Machine evolution

Planning the next big science machine requires consideration of both the current landscape and the distant future.


A trip into totality

This summer, physics students were offered a unique opportunity to study cosmic rays during the total solar eclipse.


Physics books of 2017

Gravitational waves take the top spot in Symmetry writer Mike Perricone’s yearly round-up of popular science books related to physics and astrophysics.


The PhD pioneers

Wenzhao Wei and Dan Rederth are the first to earn physics PhDs within the state of South Dakota.