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The world’s largest astronomical movie

The Large Synoptic Survey Telescope will track billions of objects for 10 years, creating unprecedented opportunities for studies of cosmic mysteries.


Right on target

These hardy physics components live at the center of particle production.


How to make a Higgs boson

It doesn’t seem like collisions of particles with no mass should be able to produce the “mass-giving” boson, the Higgs. But every other second at the LHC, they do.


ADMX brings new excitement to dark matter search

Scientists on the Axion Dark Matter Experiment have demonstrated technology that could lead to the discovery of theoretical light dark matter particles called axions. 


The big book of physics

Looking for the latest info on particle physics? There’s a book for that.


Photon declared champion

After a week of appreciation for each of the four particle contenders, the photon emerged as the winner in the Subatomic Smackdown.


The room where it happens

Symmetry goes inside the CERN Control Centre on restart day.


Keeping the LHC cold

The LHC is one of the coldest places on the planet.