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Dark matter vibes

SuperCDMS physicists are testing a way to amp up dark matter vibrations to help them search for lighter particles.


First particle tracks seen at ProtoDUNE

CERN and Fermilab announce a big step forward for the Deep Underground Neutrino Experiment.


A whale of a tale

Scientists looking for tiny particles off the coast of Italy stumble upon a much bigger research subject.


A 25-foot thermometer for neutrino science

This instrument developed for DUNE can take 48 temperatures simultaneously and with expert precision.


Next-generation camera takes data of early universe

The South Pole Telescope recently opened its third-generation camera for a multiyear survey.


ProtoDUNE in pictures

Twenty photos, two detectors, one goal.


Changing the game

Willie Rockward applied to college with pro football dreams, but a physics scholarship set him on a different path.


New accelerator research program at Fermilab sees first beam

IOTA, the new test accelerator, gives researchers rich and varied opportunities to dive deep into the physics of particle beams.


LHC scientists detect most favored Higgs decay

Scientists now know the fate of the vast majority of all Higgs bosons produced in the LHC.


Voting open for 2018 Global Physics Photowalk

Help choose the winning images in this international science photography competition.


How’s it going, LIGO?

The Laser Interferometer Gravitational-Wave Observatory has a new digital assistant.


ICARUS neutrino detector installed at Fermilab

With this move, ICARUS now sits in the path of Fermilab's neutrino beam, a milestone that brings the detector one step closer to taking data.


Rising stars of multi-messenger astronomy

A year after detecting a neutron star collision, scientists are excited for the future of multi-messenger astronomy and astrophysics.


Tour du LHC

An intrepid Symmetry writer and communicator at CERN navigates the landscape above the Large Hadron Collider by bicycle.


A dual-phase DUNE

The Deep Underground Neutrino Experiment is advancing technology commonly used in dark matter experiments—and scaling it up to record-breaking sizes.


Machine learning proliferates in particle physics

A new review in Nature chronicles the many ways machine learning is popping up in particle physics research.