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Happy birthday to charm!



Shawne Workman reports in SLAC Today:

Today, charm turns 45. Sheldon Glashow and James Bjorken coined the term "charm" for a theoretical new particle, the charm quark, in a paper published in Physical Review Physics Letters on August 1, 1964. The paper is available full-text, online [subscription required for full text] from SPIRES-HEP database: Elementary Particles and SU(4)


Thanks to SLAC archivist Jean Deken for passing along along this gem.


So what's the perfect gift for a middle-aged yet still mysteriously alluring particle?  A charm plushie comes to mind:






As for allure, check out "Chasing Charm in China" from the May 2009 issue of symmetry, which describes how the quest to understand charm quarks and related particles has lured American scientists to the newly upgraded Beijing Electron Positron Collider.


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