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DAMA-LIBRA presents new dark matter claim


On Saturday, I mentioned that sources had told me the DAMA-LIBRA collaboration were about to claim that their new experimental run supported their 2000 result.

I was traveling when the results were released so I'll leave you in the capable hands of Dennis Overbye at the New York Times and JR Minkel at Scientific American to give you more details.

However, the quick version is that the DAMA-LIBRA again claim to see evidence of dark matter, but the result is complicated and still contentious. Other sources tell me that even the scientists working on the experiment aren't sure about how to best interpret their results.

More will come out over time but it doesn't look like anybody is too convinced at this point that this will count as a discovery of dark matter particles. Tommaso Dorigo is skeptical.

You can judge some of this for yourself by looking at the slides presented at the meeting by Rita Bernabei.

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