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Illustration of a snowman next to the words "The 12 Days of Physicsmas"
Artwork by Sandbox Studio, Chicago with Corinne Mucha

The 12 Days of Physicsmas

Add some science to your holiday carols.

There are plenty of songs about snow, decking the halls and holiday cheer—but where are the festive songs of science? For those singers who prefer curling up by the Bunsen burner (or a fiery ball of quark-gluon plasma) instead of the fireplace, Symmetry presents a new carol for your repertoire: “The 12 Days of Physicsmas.”

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Lyrics to sing along:

On the 12th day of Physicsmas

My true love sent to me:

Twelve theorists thinking,

Eleven students coding,

Ten protons smashing,

Nine muons spinning,

Eight gluons gluing,

Seven beamlines beaming,

Six quarks combining,

Five sigma results,

Four Nobel Prizes,

Three neutrinos,

Two neutron stars,

And a grand unified theory.


Happy holidays from the Symmetry team!