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Illustration of two particles wearing space helmets meeting in a cloud of dark matter
Artwork by Sandbox Studio, Chicago

Physics love poem challenge


Think you can do better than the Symmetry staff? Send us your poems!

Has the love of your life fallen for particle physics? Let the Symmetry team help you reach their heart—with haiku.

On Valentine’s Day, we will publish a collection of physics-related love poems written by Symmetry staff and—if you are so inclined—by readers like you!

Send your poems (haiku format optional) to letters@symmetrymagazine.org by Monday, February 13, at 10 a.m. Central. If we really like yours, we may send you a prize.

For inspiration, consider the following:

Poem: A strong force binds us: Electromagnetic love. You’re fundamental.
Artwork by Sandbox Studio, Chicago
Poem: Like regular love, / But more massive -- Our love is / Supersymmetric
Artwork by Sandbox Studio, Chicago
Poem: A quantum of love / Or more? The principle here / Is uncertainty.
Artwork by Sandbox Studio, Chicago