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Photo of TRIUMF PC1-s

TRIUMF announces photo contest winners

Visiting photographers get an insider’s view of Canada’s national particle and nuclear physics laboratory.

Photo of TEDxCERN

TEDx goes to CERN

Inventors, educators and scientists inspired audiences at this year’s TEDxCERN.

Photo of Randall Munroe

XKCD creator answers ‘What if?’

Randall Munroe, author of the webcomic xkcd, has found another outlet for his inquisitive nature.

Illustration of book, glasses, coffee, hands, pens, paper, and phone

Science gets social

If you like your science with a cup of coffee, a pint of beer or a raucous crowd, these events may be for you.

Photo of Burj Khalifa

Sci-fi writers, scientists imagine the future

A new project pairs science fiction authors with scientists to envision worlds that are both inspiring and achievable.

Illustration of Brian Wecht and Ben Lillie

True tales of science

When two theoretical physicists crossed paths at the Upright Citizens Brigade Theatre in New York, the Story Collider was born.

Photo of Tangible Tidbit

LHC research, presented in tangible tidbits

Students working on their PhDs at the Large Hadron Collider explain their research with snacks, board games and Legos.

Photo of Particle Clicker team

New game trades clicks for physics discoveries

A group of students at CERN have created a computer game that makes particle physics research as addictive as Candy Crush Saga.

Photo of Brian Greene WSU

Science on demand

Brian Greene welcomes the Internet to physics class with World Science U.

Illustration S2B of Exploratorium

Exploratorium exhibit reveals the invisible

A determined volunteer gives an old detector new life as the centerpiece of a cosmic ray exhibit.