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Photo of Super-K empty

A new first for T2K

The Japan-based neutrino experiment has seen its first three candidate electron antineutrinos.

Photo of Super-K

Underground plans

The Super-Kamiokande collaboration has approved a project to improve the sensitivity of the Super-K neutrino detector.

Illustration of Neutrino Experiments

How do you solve a puzzle like neutrinos?

When it comes to studying particles that zip through matter as though it weren’t even there, you use every method you can think of.

Photo of New-Site-INO-Lab

Bringing neutrino research back to India

The India-based Neutrino Observatory will provide a home base for Indian particle physicists.

Photo of OPERA detector

OPERA catches fifth tau neutrino

The OPERA experiment’s study of tau neutrino appearance has reached the level of “discovery.”

Image of HyperK-SuperK

Japan’s next big neutrino project

The proposed Hyper-K experiment would dwarf its predecessor.

Image: Davis_DavisCavern_lead

A goldmine of scientific research

The underground home of the LUX dark matter experiment has a rich scientific history.

Starry night style painting

Looking to the heavens for neutrino masses

Scientists are using studies of the skies to solve a neutrino mystery.

Image of ANITA Roll Out

High adventure physics

Three groups of hardy scientists recently met up in Antarctica to launch experiments into the big blue via balloon.

Photo of cuore cryostat

Extreme cold and shipwreck lead

Scientists have proven the concept of the CUORE experiment, which will study neutrinos with the world’s coldest detector and ancient lead.