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Photo of KIPAC's dark matter visualization screened in front of an audience in the Hayden Planetarium

New planetarium show lights up the dark

Particle astrophysicists are helping illuminate the dark side of the universe for a new show at the American Museum of Natural History in New York City.

Photo the cosmos seeded with heavy elements during youth

Cosmos seeded with heavy elements during youth

Traces of iron distributed smoothly throughout a massive galaxy cluster tell a 10-billion-year-old story of cosmic evolution.

Photo of Adler After Dark cloud chamber

Adler Planetarium throws ‘Particle Party’

Fermilab physicists and educators mingled with young adult science enthusiasts at Adler After Dark.

Photo of GPU circuit board

More than a game

Astrophysicists find a new use for the video cards that give computer games that movie quality: crunching scientific data.

Photo of Dark Energy Survey Start

The Dark Energy Survey begins

Over the next five years, scientists will capture some of the grandest images of the cosmos ever seen and use them to probe the mystery of dark energy.

Photo of Saul Perlmutter

Q&A with Nobel Laureate Saul Perlmutter

Perlmutter chats with Symmetry about the fate of the universe and a certain phone call from the Swedish Academy.

Illustration of Detective Planck using magnifying glass over finger print

Secrets of the early universe

Planck, the space telescope that this year revealed unprecedentedly detailed information about the early universe, is just getting started.

Photo of the bubble chamber exhibit proved a mesmerizing respite from some of the more crowded exhibits

Cosmic open house draws curious crowd

Kids of all ages flocked to SLAC National Accelerator Laboratory to learn about the universe and have fun doing it.

Photo of Dark Energy Camera from time-lapse

Astronomers give Dark Energy Camera rave reviews

Even before the Dark Energy Survey begins, the Dark Energy Camera is exceeding expectations in the astrophysics community.

Image of Planck cruising to L2

Planck reveals new insight into universe

The first cosmology results from the Planck satellite reveal an older universe populated with less dark energy and more matter than expected.