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Photo of Photon Science

Partnership generates bright ideas for photon science

Photon science, a spin-off of particle physics, has returned to its roots for help developing better, faster detectors.

Photo of NOvA full

NOvA detector takes shape

Members of the NOvA neutrino experiment celebrated their progress with a visit to their massive detector in northern Minnesota.

Photo of gravitational lensing

How to weigh a galaxy cluster

The study of galaxy clusters is bringing scientists closer to an understanding of the “dark” universe.

Illustration S2B of Exploratorium

Exploratorium exhibit reveals the invisible

A determined volunteer gives an old detector new life as the centerpiece of a cosmic ray exhibit.

Photo of Prototype CT scanner

Helping cancer treatment hit its mark

A prototype CT scanner could improve targeting accuracy in proton therapy treatment.

Photo of man at podium with B Book

Scientists set aside rivalry to preserve knowledge

Scientists from two experiments have banded together to create a single comprehensive record of their work for scientific posterity.

Photo of Neutrino Day safety workers

Science inspires at Sanford Lab’s Neutrino Day

Science was the star at an annual celebration in Lead, South Dakota.

Illustration of green robot looking at "Higgs Boson Contest" signs

The machine learning community takes on the Higgs

Detecting new physics isn’t quite like detecting cat videos—yet.

Photo of bullet cluster

US reveals its next generation of dark matter experiments

Together, the three experiments will search for a variety of types of dark matter particles.

Illustration of Day in Life: LarryAbbott

A physicist in the neurobiology lab

After 10 years as a theoretical particle physicist, Larry Abbott discovered a new passion.