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Photo of Particle Clicker team

New game trades clicks for physics discoveries

A group of students at CERN have created a computer game that makes particle physics research as addictive as Candy Crush Saga.

Photo of Brian Greene WSU

Science on demand

Brian Greene welcomes the Internet to physics class with World Science U.

Photo of LHC tunnel

Using the Higgs boson to search for clues

The Higgs boson could be the tool that leads scientists to the next big discovery.

Illustration of "Why particle physics matters" and photo collage of physicists

Why does particle physics matter?

Watch a compilation of many scientists' explanations of the importance of particle physics. 

Photo of Gabriel Palacios, A summer intern at Jefferson Laboratory, gets ILC tattoo

ILC ink

A summer intern at Jefferson Laboratory is excited about the proposed International Linear Collider—and he’s got the tattoo to prove it.

Neutrinoless double beta decay

Neutrinoless double beta decay

The observation of neutrinoless double beta decay would suggest that, by itself, the Standard Model Higgs cannot give mass to neutrinos.

Photo of Dodobus at Burning Man

Scientists of Burning Man

Burning Man offers parallels to—and welcome departures from—the scientific endeavors of physicists who attend the annual event.

Computer generated image of ILC

Japan selects candidate site for linear collider

A site evaluation committee has recommended a location for the proposed International Linear Collider, if it is built in Japan.

Photo of group of kids dressed as the Flash in a line: GISHWHES

The Flash invades Jefferson Lab

Last week, 13 visitors in superhero attire visited Jefferson Lab as part of an international scavenger hunt.

Photo of Fermi first five years: FGST in space

Fermi’s first five years

In its first five years gazing at the gamma-ray sky, the Fermi Gamma-ray Space Telescope provided new insights into cosmic puzzles ranging from dark matter to blazars—and added a few new puzzles to the list.