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Compact Muon Solenoid

Illustration of twitter birds moving in atom movement that says "Physicists To Follow On Twitter"

#FollowFriday III: Physicists to follow on Twitter

Meet four more physicists who talk about their work on Twitter in symmetry’s third installment of #FollowFriday.

Photo of Fermilab Test Beam

Labs work together toward high-luminosity LHC

Scientists who need to test parts for experiments at the Large Hadron Collider are taking advantage of Fermilab's Test Beam Facility.

Photo of Tiziano Camporesi

Former CMS deputy takes reins of experiment

Tiziano Camporesi becomes head of the CMS experiment as UC Santa Barbara physicist Joe Incandela’s term comes to a close.

Photo collage of CMS Cake Header

How to make CERN’s most delicious detector

Three University of Minnesota graduate students took their particle physics skills to the kitchen to create an edible model of the CMS detector, and symmetry has the recipe.

Photo of Higgs and Englert

Nobel Prize in physics honors prediction of Higgs boson

Peter Higgs and Francois Englert, who developed key concepts in the theory that predicted the Higgs boson, will be awarded the 2013 Nobel Prize in physics.

Photo of Google Street View ALICE

Google Street View goes underground at LHC

A virtual tour of the Large Hadron Collider and the ATLAS, CMS, LHCb and ALICE experiments is now available on Google Street View.

Photo of CMS and LHCb

Discovery at LHC leaves less room for new particles

Undiscovered particles could boost or suppress a newly observed process—but LHC scientists see no such effect.

Illustration of 6 CMS Banners

A banner day at the LHC

An artist honors the people and science of the CMS collaboration.

Photo of CMS detector below

Smallest lab-made drop of liquid might cause strange particle behavior

A new result from the CMS collaboration takes a step toward revealing the origin of the mysterious ‘ridge effect.’

Photo of Fundamental Physics Prize ceremony

Great minds lauded at physics prize ceremony

A crowd full of stars from the field of particle physics—along with one from Hollywood—celebrated recent achievements.