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Top articles of 2019

Catch up on our 10 most popular features of the year.


To PhD or not to PhD

Respondents to Symmetry’s survey about what it’s like to earn a PhD in particle physics or astrophysics offer their views of the experience.


Massless particles can’t be stopped

If a particle has no mass, how can it exist?


The language of physics

10 more words that mean something different to scientists.


What gravitational waves can say about dark matter

Scientists think that, under some circumstances, dark matter could generate powerful enough gravitational waves for equipment like LIGO to detect.


From physics to data science

Four physicists share their journeys through academia into industry and offer words of wisdom for those considering making a similar move.


10 words that mean something different to physicists

Some of this science sounds awfully familiar.


Falsifiability and physics

Can a theory that isn’t completely testable still be useful to physics?


A collision of light

One of the latest discoveries from the LHC takes the properties of photons beyond what your electrodynamics teacher will tell you in class.


The unseen progress of the LHC

It’s not always about what you discover.


A tiny new experiment at the LHC

The story of the latest experiment approved for installation at the Large Hadron Collider starts with a theorist and a question about dark matter.