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Top articles of 2017

Catch up on our 10 most popular features of the year.


A brief etymology of particle physics

How did the proton, photon and other particles get their names?


Quirks of the arXiv

Sometimes, physics papers turn funny.


Five extreme facts about neutron stars

Neutron stars have earned their share of superlatives since their discovery in 1967.


Shaking the dark matter paradigm

A theory about gravity challenges our understanding of the universe.


What’s really happening during an LHC collision?

It’s less of a collision and more of a symphony.


What ended the dark ages of the universe?

New experiments will help astronomers uncover the sources that helped make the universe transparent.


How to build a universe

Our universe should be a formless fog of energy. Why isn’t it?


The robots of CERN

TIM and other mechanical friends tackle jobs humans shouldn’t.


How heavy is a neutrino?

The question is more complicated than it seems.


When was the Higgs actually discovered?

The announcement on July 4 was just one part of the story. Take a peek behind the scenes of the discovery of the Higgs boson.