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Top articles of 2018

Catch up on our 10 most popular features of the year.


Five mysteries the Standard Model can’t explain

Our best model of particle physics explains only about 5 percent of the universe.


The coevolution of physics and math

Breakthroughs in physics sometimes require an assist from the field of mathematics—and vice versa.


The big book of physics

Looking for the latest info on particle physics? There’s a book for that.


Game-changing neutrino experiments

This neutrino-watchers season preview will give you the rundown on what to expect to come out of neutrino research in the coming years.


The quest to test quantum entanglement

Quantum entanglement, doubted by Einstein, has passed increasingly stringent tests.


The secret life of Higgs bosons

Are these mass-giving particles hanging out with dark matter?


Physics footage from a Monkee

1970s video footage recorded by musician Micky Dolenz when he visited the then-nascent Fermilab is now available on YouTube.


How to make a Higgs boson

It doesn’t seem like collisions of particles with no mass should be able to produce the “mass-giving” boson, the Higgs. But every other second at the LHC, they do.


Already beyond the Standard Model

We already know neutrinos break the mold of the Standard Model. The question is: By how much?


How not to be fooled in physics

Particle physicists and astrophysicists employ a variety of tools to avoid erroneous results.