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Physics & art

These creators intertwine art and science.


Feeling the universe in the ‘Particle Shrine’

A physicist, a composer and a creative technician team up to translate the unseen particles around us into a format that human bodies can understand.


Design thinking and the Disco-tracker

As part of a class on design thinking, a graduate student turned her research topic into an art installation resembling a giant disco ball.


Luca Buvoli’s art explores COVID spacetime

In a recent exhibit, the artist wove fantasy and physics to illustrate the temporal funk of living through a pandemic.


Exhibit explores layers of SNOLAB

In Drift: Art and Dark Matter, pieces by four artists-in-residence dig deep into the underground laboratory.


On the marvels of physics

Theoretical physicist Clifford Johnson answers Symmetry writer Brianna Barbu’s questions about his work in science and outreach, including advising on movies like Avengers: Endgame.


Imagining the unseen

An art exhibit at the Science Gallery Dublin combines art and science to illuminate the invisible nature of dark matter.


Giving voice to neutrinos

Fermilab guest composer David Ibbett releases a neutrino-inspired video and commentary.


The quantum poet

Amy Catanzano bridges the worlds of poetry and science.


LHC music through the ColliderScope

This summer, physicist Larry Lee had festival-goers dancing to the sounds of science.


Hahn shot first

After 32 years as Fermilab’s staff photographer, Reidar Hahn is retiring—and saying farewell with a final collection of photos in Fermilab’s art gallery.


Behind the “Cosmic Design”

Artist Shanthi Chandrasekar explains the mixture of art and physics in her new gallery exhibit at Fermilab.


Upcycled instrument tied to auspicious accelerator

A composer has given new life to an amplifier used within a historically significant particle accelerator.


Holography class gives students new perspective

A holography class at the Ohio State University combines art and physics to provide a more complete picture of how we understand the world around us.


Physics in the eyes and ears of an artist

Photographer Adam Nadel started his residency at Fermilab taking the portraits he is known for, but then he found himself venturing onto new artistic ground.


‘Entangle’ exhibit fuels imagination with physics

A Swedish university tapped the founding director of CERN’s artist-in-residence program to curate a new art exhibit inspired by physics.


The bubble chamber sand mandala

One sprinkle of sand at a time, two artists recreated the moment a particle passed through a detector 30 years earlier.


A taste of particle physics

For physicists Katy Grimm and Katharine Leney, science is a piece of cake.


‘A beautiful gathering of two worlds’

CERN inspired famous Dutch fashion artist Iris van Herpen to create her Magnetic Motion collection.


Top quark couture

What do you give a physicist who helped discover a fundamental particle and jump-started your science career?


2018 Photowalk winners announced

Photographers from Italy, the UK and Canada won professional and public votes.


Fusing Fermilab physics with art

Fermilab’s 2017 artist-in-residence, Jim Jenkins, melds pieces of physics experiments into his creations.


Fermilab’s 11th employee

Fantastical designs elevate physics in works by Fermilab’s first artist.


A play in parallel universes

Constellations illustrates the many-worlds interpretation of quantum mechanics—with a love story.


The dance of the particles

In collaboration with a scientist, an Iranian dancer is working to communicate the beauty of particle physics through dance.



Turning plots into stained glass

Hubert van Hecke, a heavy-ion physicist, transforms particle physics plots into works of art.


SLAC accelerator plans appear in Smithsonian art exhibit

The late artist June Schwarcz found inspiration in some unusual wrapping paper her husband brought home from the lab.



Howie Day records love song to physics

After the musician learned that grad students at CERN had created a parody of his 2004 single “Collide,” he flew to Switzerland to sing it at the LHC.


Art imitates physics

Artist Chris Henschke’s latest piece inspired by particle physics mixes constancy with unpredictability, the natural with the synthetic.


Urban Sketchers visit Fermilab

The group brought their on-site drawing practice to the particle physics laboratory.



A group known for making music with everyday objects recently got their hands on some extraordinary props.


Of bison and bosons

What are all of the symbols in Fermilab’s unofficial seal?


Art draws out the beauty of physics

Labs around the world open their doors to aesthetic creation.


Art of Darkness

The Dark Energy Survey’s art show offers a glimpse of the expanding universe.


The physics photographer

Fermilab’s house photographer of almost 30 years, Reidar Hahn, shares four of his most iconic shots.


Photowalk winners announced

An international jury and more than 3800 public votes determined the winners of this year's Global Physics Photowalk competition.


Fermilab brings in new artist-in-residence

Chicago innovator Ellen Sandor will create new works based on her experiences at Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory.


Q&A with Fermilab's first artist-in-residence

Symmetry sits down with Lindsay Olson as she wraps up a year of creating art inspired by particle physics.


Seeing the CMS experiment with new eyes

The wonders of particle physics serve as a springboard for a community-building arts initiative at Fermilab.


TRIUMF announces photo contest winners

Visiting photographers get an insider’s view of Canada’s national particle and nuclear physics laboratory.


The intersection of art and science

Statistician Edward Tufte turns scientific notations into artwork.


Jokes for nerds

Webcomic artist Zach Weinersmith fuels ‘Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal’ with grad student humor and almost half of a physics degree.


True tales of science

When two theoretical physicists crossed paths at the Upright Citizens Brigade Theatre in New York, the Story Collider was born.


New game trades clicks for physics discoveries

A group of students at CERN have created a computer game that makes particle physics research as addictive as Candy Crush Saga.


Exploratorium exhibit reveals the invisible

A determined volunteer gives an old detector new life as the centerpiece of a cosmic ray exhibit.


The physics of dance

Two Yale professors thrive where calculation meets choreography.


Science fiction or science fact?

In a new class at Duke University, professors from different realms explore the intersection of literature and physics.


Saving the Feynman van

A team of Richard Feynman’s friends and fans banded together to restore the Nobel laureate’s most famous vehicle.


Documenting the development of discovery

Creating a compelling story about the search for the secrets of the universe in Particle Fever helped filmmaker Mark Levinson find his calling.


Tufte’s Feynman sculptures come to Fermilab

Edward Tufte, celebrated statistician and master of informational graphics, transforms physics notations into works of art.


Art at the Australian Synchrotron

An art installation at the Australian Synchrotron provides insight into experimental physics.


‘Particle Fever’ opens in the US

Particle Fever, a documentary that follows scientists involved in research at the Large Hadron Collider, opens this week in select theaters across the United States.


Imagine the beam

A former physicist uses accelerator data to create artistic visualizations.


Artists challenged to depict physics

Through the “Collision” contest, 22 artists and scientists pushed themselves into new territory, portraying the concept of “new physics” through art.


South Dakota artists explore dark matter

A grassroots group of artists started a gallery project centered on Sanford Lab’s science.


From accelerator to art

Fermilab physicist Todd Johnson spends his work and vacation hours with accelerators. What he produces during each are two very different things.


Miniboone the band meets MiniBooNE the experiment

A New York rock band named after a Fermilab neutrino experiment recently visited their namesake for the first time.


CERN artist-in-residence develops ear for physics

Sound artist Bill Fontana taps into the music of the Large Hadron Collider.


Scientists of Burning Man

Burning Man offers parallels to—and welcome departures from—the scientific endeavors of physicists who attend the annual event.


ILC ink

A summer intern at Jefferson Laboratory is excited about the proposed International Linear Collider—and he’s got the tattoo to prove it.


Fermilab documentary offers inside look

A new documentary about the people and science of Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory is now available on YouTube.


A banner day at the LHC

An artist honors the people and science of the CMS collaboration.


Zombies invade the LHC in student-made horror film

Decay, a low-budget horror film starring PhD students and postdocs at CERN, has been released online.


CERN artist-in-residence mixes order and uncertainty

Julius von Bismarck uses rules to create a sense of chaos in his latest piece.


Science + art: A creative explosion

Stunning displays of light, music, and electronic artistry bring the thrill of science to a tech-savvy generation.


Digital artist creates new kind of experiment at CERN

CERN's first artist-in-residence aims to challenge perceptions.


Kate Findlay: Collider quilts

A 2008 newspaper article about the Large Hadron Collider inspired Kate Findlay to start a years-long quilting project.


Cosmic gall

In December 1960, The New Yorker published John Updike’s poem about the neutrino, a ghost-like particle discovered a few years before.


John Zaklikowski: From junked part to detector art

Over the years, John Zaklikowski raided his savings account to purchase every mother board, cell phone and floppy disk in sight. Now he’s used them to create artwork modeled on large-scale particle physics experiments.


Dancing with physicists

For her latest work, choreographer Liz Lerman took members of her dance troupe to CERN, where they reveled in the fog, danced in the aisles and found inspiration in wide-ranging conversations with scientists.


Sergio Cittolin: Channeling da Vinci

A physicist sketches science in the style of an old master.