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Dark Matter 101

Learn more about one of the most sought-after substances in the universe.


What dark matter is (probably) not

No one knows for sure what dark matter is. But we know we need something to explain what we see in the universe, and we’ve crossed a few ideas off of our list.


Vera Rubin, giant of astronomy

The Large Synoptic Survey Telescope will be named for an influential astronomer who left the field better than she found it.


Testing DAMA

An Italian experiment has a 20-year signal of what could be dark matter—and scientists are embarking on their most promising efforts yet to confirm or refute its results.


The booming science of dwarf galaxies

A recent uptick in the discovery of the smallest, oldest galaxies benefits studies of dark matter, galaxy formation and the evolution of the universe.  


Hitting the neutrino floor

Dark matter experiments are becoming so sensitive, even the ghostliest of particles will soon get in the way.


Miraculous WIMPs

What are WIMPs, and what makes them such popular dark matter candidates? 


Illuminating the dark universe

The pursuit of dark matter and dark energy is one of the most exciting—and most challenging—areas of science. Now researchers think they’re beginning to close in.



Whereas matter on Earth and in stars is made of atoms and nuclei, scientists know that dark matter must be made of something else. Neutralinos are a prime candidate.


Dark matter

Dark matter seems to be abundant in the universe but has yet to be directly detected.