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Physics Madness Grand Champion

And your 2015 winning physics machine is…

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‘Why particle physics matters’ winner announced

The readers have spoken: Your favorite explanation of why particle physics matters came from physicist Breese Quinn.

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Why does particle physics matter?

Watch a compilation of many scientists' explanations of the importance of particle physics. 

Editor's note: The "why particle physics matters" contest ended at 5pm Central on Sept. 3. Thanks to everyone who voted! Symmetry will announce the winner on Tuesday, Sept. 10. As you await the results, we encourage you to check out all the explanations on symmetry's YouTube channel.

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Winner: Cinderella’s convertible carriage

Reader Emily Conover wins symmetry’s latest contest with her fairy-tale description of neutrino oscillation.

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Symmetry challenge: Neutrino oscillation analogy

Symmetry is on the hunt for the best analogy to describe neutrino oscillation, the process by which a neutrino changes from one flavor to the next.


Symmetry readers find the Higgs boson

Scientists at the Large Hadron Collider weren’t the only ones to discover a Higgs-like particle. When we asked symmetry breaking readers to send us their own evidence of a Higgs boson, they sent a massive outpouring of creative candidates.


My entangled heart


Reader challenge: My physical romance


The symmetry challenge: Physics on a napkin

We've all heard the stories of great ideas first scribbled down in a bar on any convenient surface, often a cocktail napkin.