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Illustration of particles fighting bacteria in someones brain

Particle accelerators join fight against brain cancer

Accelerator technology could be key to developing an effective treatment for a type of brain tumor currently considered incurable.

Blue and white zig zag strip background with orange plus sign in the center with teal green atom symbol on top

How particle physics can save your life

From new medicines to cancer treatment, the tools of particle physics play an important role in hospitals around the world.

Photo of persons hand on a single silicon wafer


Accelerator-powered ion implantation proves key to advances in integrated circuits.

Illustration of applications (red, white, and blue)

How particle physics improves your life

From MRIs to shrink wrap, particle physics technology improves the world we live in.

Photo of application of gamma cameras

Gamma cameras see through dense tissue

Gamma rays, valued by astrophysicists for conveying information about phenomena in space, are also becoming valued by doctors for their ability to uncover cancer.

Photo of Acc App Beehives


About 30 percent of bees in the United States die of disease, infection or other causes each year, a number beekeepers say will have a serious impact on agriculture. Could particle accelerators be the solution?


Accelerator beams for early cancer detection


Particle physics and your ride

Metal products contain microscopic stresses that can grow into bigger problems. How engineers choose to manage these stresses makes all the difference.


Pursuing protons for medical imaging

A new kind of detector technology that could lead to discoveries in particle physics may also lead to better 3D images of the human body and help cancer patients.



Today, tens of millions of patients each year are diagnosed and treated with accelerator-based radioisotopes.