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Photo of Digirad images

Making the portable gamma camera

The end of the Cold War and the cancellation of the Superconducting Super Collider led to the creation of a life-saving medical device.

Photo of Carl Haber Vitaliy Fadeyev

LHC physicists preserve Native American voices

Physicists are using LHC detector technology to retrieve Native American music from old recordings.

Photo of Louvre pyramid

The accelerator in the Louvre

The Accélérateur Grand Louvre d’analyse élémentaire solves ancient mysteries with powerful particle beams.

Photo of Tracking Glaciers

Tracking glaciers with accelerators

To predict Earth’s future, geologists use particle accelerators to understand its past.

Image of AMS LLNL

Accelerator-powered carbon dating

An accelerator-driven form of carbon dating advances everything from archaeology to personalized medicine.

Photo of Prototype CT scanner

Helping cancer treatment hit its mark

A prototype CT scanner could improve targeting accuracy in proton therapy treatment.

Illustration of computer monitor with Higgs Boson, medical equipment, X-rays, pills, beakers and Apps OSG

Computing power for all

The Open Science Grid enables faster, more efficient analysis of LHC data—and also contributes to advancements in fields from geology to medicine.

Photo of man and woman together

Beam on: My father’s fight with cancer

After working with particle accelerators his entire professional career, Heather Rock Woods’ father placed himself in the path of a beam to fight cancer.

Illustration of Medical Implant

Building artificial body parts with particle beams

Companies are using an electron-beam 3-D printing process to manufacture medical implants.

Illustration of eye with circuit board inside pupil

A second chance at sight

Silicon microstrip detectors, a staple in particle physics experiments, provide information that may be critical to restoring vision to some who lost it.