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The Particle Physics Song


"I'm watching something very strange right now," a colleague texted from the CERN Control Center on Feb. 3.

Members of the CERN choir, all in black, had gathered there to perform their rendition of a song that a non-physicist had submitted to CERN's monthly publication.

Danuta Orlowska, a clinical psychologist with Guy’s and St. Thomas’ NHS Foundation Trust in London, wrote "The Particle Physics Song," an ode to the Higgs boson to be sung to the tune of "The Hippopotamus Song" by British comedians Michael Flanders and Donald Swann.

Though singing at a particle physics laboratory might seem strange, the sight should come as little surprise to CERN afficianados familiar with this video or this one.

This week CERN posted a video of the choir's performance of "The Particle Physics Song" to the CERNTV YouTube site. Enjoy!

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