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Stocking stuffers for physicists


It's the holiday season again and you're stuck on what to get that special physicist in your life.

Don't worry: We can help.

Check out this selection of Web sites that cater to gift-loving scientists.

  • Tiffany Ard offers a variety of science-related material with a few products aimed specifically at physicists.

My favorite: Pat Schrödinger's kitty story book featuring cartoon versions of Paul Dirac and Enrico Fermi. What baby wouldn't love this?

Another winner from this site is the Nerdy Baby ABCs. Give your child a jump-start in that career studying neutrinos or accelerator beam diagnostics.

  • http://www.particlezoo.net/ If you are one of those people who never got tired of Beanie Babies, you can start collecting the particle physics version called Particle Plushies.

Searching to add a little style to a friend's cubicle or home? Try the particle physics-themed cartoons that can be printed on coffee mugs, hats, etc.

My personal favorite:

cartoon sold at cartoonstock.com

cartoon sold at cartoonstock.com

Does your particle lover not dress the best? Help them out with these two Web sites.

Happy holidays and happy shopping!

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