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Free multimedia education material on particle physics, accelerators

If you want to explain particle physics, accelerators or colliders to friends, family, students, or others you encounter on outreach ventures, you won't want to miss this handy Web site.

The University of California, Santa Barbara, announced Monday the six winners of a contest to make particle physics accessable in high school classrooms.

The contest, run by the Kavli Institute for Theoretical Physics (KITP) at the University, sought the best multimedia presentations on particle physics in the age of the Large Hadron Collider, the world's largest science experiment at the European particle physics laboratory CERN on the Swiss-French border.

You can download the presentations for your own use.

First prize was awarded to Kevin McKone, Copiah-Lincoln Community College, Wesson, Miss. Jon Anderson from Centennial Senior High School, Circle Pines, Minn., won second prize. Four teachers shared third prize: Steven Brehmer, Mayo High School, Rochester, Minn.; Cheryl Harper, Greensburg Salem High School, Blairsville, Pa.; Nick Nicastro, Wachusett Regional High School, Holden, Mass.; and Gail Van Ekeren, Gill St. Bernard's School, Gladstone, N.J.