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Physics books on shelf

Physics books of 2019

Symmetry writer Mike Perricone takes us through a selection of this year’s new popular physics books.

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Physics books of 2018

Symmetry writer Mike Perricone presents his annual compilation of new popular science books related to particle physics and astrophysics.

Illustration of book shelf with book spines from the 2017 book review

Physics books of 2017

Gravitational waves take the top spot in Symmetry writer Mike Perricone’s yearly round-up of popular science books related to physics and astrophysics.

133 dishes across the Great Karoo, 400,000 square kilometer

Tuning in for science

The sprawling Square Kilometer Array radio telescope hunts signals from one of the quietest places on earth.

Yellow and red collage of ATLAS machine and students in classroom

African School works to develop local expertise

Universities in Africa are teaming up to offer free training to students interested in fundamental physics.

Illustration of physics books on shelf

Physics books of 2016

As 2016 comes to a close, Symmetry writer Mike Perricone takes us through the latest additions to his collection of popular science books related to particle physics.

Illustration of Physics Book Review 2015

Physics books of 2015

A tour of 10 of this year’s popular science books delivers dark matter, black holes and a hefty dose of Einstein.

Illustration of books on shelf "New physics books 2014"

New books for the physics fan

These recently published popular science books will help you catch up on particle physics news, knowledge and history.

Illustration of bookcase Matter of Energy: HiggsBooks

Reading in the Higgs era

Science writer Mike Perricone presents his favorite books on particle physics and a recommended reading list for the LHC/Higgs Era (2008 to the present).

Illustration of underwater jelly fish, muons, neutrinos, "Voyage into the unknown"

Voyage into the unknown

In the deep, dark quantum sea known as the Intensity Frontier, particle physicists expect to find everything from exotic new particles to new insights into the evolution of our universe.