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Photo of LIGO Hanford

Gravitational waves and where to find them

Advanced LIGO has just begun its search for gravitational waves.

Photo of old red dial telephone that says "Rrring!"

Do protons decay?

Is it possible that these fundamental building blocks of atoms have a finite lifetime?

Illustration of particle generation tree "Three Generations of Matter"

The mystery of particle generations

Why are there three almost identical copies of each particle of matter?

Image of Emmy Noether

Mathematician to know: Emmy Noether

Noether's theorem is a thread woven into the fabric of the science.

Starry night style painting

Looking to the heavens for neutrino masses

Scientists are using studies of the skies to solve a neutrino mystery.

Photo of Helen Quinn

Of symmetries, the strong force and Helen Quinn

Scientist Helen Quinn has had a significant impact on the field of theoretical physics.

Illustration of Axion Dark Horse

Dark horse of the dark matter hunt

Dark matter might be made up of a type of particle not many scientists are looking for: the axion.