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Illustration of a neutron star

How big is a neutron star?

Astrophysicists are combining multiple methods to reveal the secrets of some of the weirdest objects in the universe.

Scientists look on as giant hand comes down with shape that will fit into any available holes.

Falsifiability and physics

Can a theory that isn’t completely testable still be useful to physics?

Illustration of an explorer following steps down into the Standard Model

Already beyond the Standard Model

We already know neutrinos break the mold of the Standard Model. The question is: By how much?

Illustration of gymnasts measuring distance between Earth and moon, judges score a zero and gymnasts a happy

Looking for nothing to test gravity

When they look for violations of Einstein’s general relativity, physicists deliberately plan experiments to find nothing at all.

Detectives looking for superhero dark matter man

The origins of dark matter

Theorists think dark matter was forged in the hot aftermath of the Big Bang.

Scientist looking at map for the truest north

The hunt for the truest north

Many theories predict the existence of magnetic monopoles, but experiments have yet to see them.

Galaxy with question marks hanging from sky with kids grabbing at them

Five facts about the Big Bang

It’s the cornerstone of cosmology, but what is it all about?

People in two tired library with books moving through tubes

The most important website in particle physics

The first website to be hosted in the US has grown to be an invaluable hub for open science.

Gamma rays are the most energetic type of light

Incredible hulking facts about gamma rays

From lightning to the death of electrons, the highest-energy form of light is everywhere.

Architect working on draft board "the house of everything"

All four one and one for all

A theory of everything would unite the four forces of nature, but is such a thing possible?