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Valerie Higgins in the archives

It takes a village

Building a particle physics laboratory requires more than physicists.

Physics Slang

10 words that mean something different to physicists

Some of this science sounds awfully familiar.

A figure is silhouetted in the opening of a gold-colored room.

Success after a three-year sprint

After a rush to start up the first large prototype detector, stellar results show the technology for the Deep Underground Neutrino Experiment is ready to shine.

Micky Dolenz

Physics footage from a Monkee

1970s video footage recorded by musician Micky Dolenz when he visited the then-nascent Fermilab is now available on YouTube.

A researcher stands inside of the detector

ProtoDUNE in pictures

Twenty photos, two detectors, one goal.

Silhouette of a person working in a golden-hued room.

A dual-phase DUNE

The Deep Underground Neutrino Experiment is advancing technology commonly used in dark matter experiments—and scaling it up to record-breaking sizes.

Collage style image with experiments, machines, people, buildings, and Halina Abramowicz

Q&A: Planning Europe’s physics future

Halina Abramowicz leads the group effort to decide the future of European particle physics.

Illustration for engineering of Deep Underground Neutrino Experiment (red, pink, blue, green, burgandy, navy, grey)

Five (more) fascinating facts about DUNE

A lot of cleverness goes into engineering the incredible, dependable, shrinkable Deep Underground Neutrino Experiment.

Photo of two pink trails, representing particles, show the motion of particles passing through the accelerator complex.

Complex complexes

These two-minute animations break down the accelerator systems at Fermilab and CERN.

Illustration of heart radiating gamma particles at the center of the image: Magnetic field lines, Higgs particles, and neutrinos

Show your affection with physics valentines

When it comes to love, sometimes you have to say it with science.