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Photo of young physicists in classroom

Young physicists step up

Young researchers rally to shape the future of particle physics.

Photo of Miniboone band

Miniboone the band meets MiniBooNE the experiment

A New York rock band named after a Fermilab neutrino experiment recently visited their namesake for the first time.

Photo of Muon g-2 arrival

Giant electromagnet arrives at Fermilab

The 50-foot-wide electromagnet for the Muon g-2 experiment has completed its five-week journey from New York to Illinois.

Triptych showing three different pieces of accelerator art

From accelerator to art

Fermilab physicist Todd Johnson spends his work and vacation hours with accelerators. What he produces during each are two very different things.

Photo of ISS above Earth

Fermilab produces its first potential astronaut

Josh Cassada, accepted into NASA’s exclusive 2013 astronaut candidate class, cut his scientific teeth doing particle physics research at Fermilab.