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Snowflake Header

Deck the halls with Nobel physicists

Symmetry presents a physics twist on the craft of cutting paper snowflakes.

Photo of ICARUS move 1

ICARUS hits the road

A giant neutrino detector is traveling by truck from the Italian Gran Sasso laboratories to CERN to get ready for a new life.

Photo of young Einstein

Einstein papers go digital

More than 5000 documents collected by the Einstein Papers Project are now freely available online.

Photo of CMS detector from below

CERN frees LHC data

Anyone can access collision data from the Large Hadron Collider through the new CERN Open Data Portal.

Photo of Fabiola Gianotti

Fabiola Gianotti chosen as next head of CERN

The former head of the ATLAS experiment at the LHC will be the first female leader of Europe's largest particle physics laboratory.

Photo of evening sky

Reading the heavens with your phone

Two groups have released early versions of apps to turn your smart phone into a cosmic ray detector.

Illustration of Zach Weinersmith

Jokes for nerds

Webcomic artist Zach Weinersmith fuels ‘Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal’ with grad student humor and almost half of a physics degree.

Photo of Daya Bay

Daya Bay places new limit on sterile neutrinos

The Daya Bay experiment, famous for studying neutrino mixing, is branching into a new area of neutrino physics.

Image of Planck in space

Cosmic dust proves prevalent

Space dust accounts for at least some of the possible signal of cosmic inflation the BICEP2 experiment announced in March. How much remains to be seen.

Photo of AMS space

Pursuit of dark matter progresses at AMS

A possible sign of dark matter will eventually become clear, according to promising signs from the Alpha Magnetic Spectrometer experiment.