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Illustration of portraits on wall of Fundamental Physics Prize recognizes Higgs hunters

Fundamental Physics Prize recognizes Higgs hunters

The Fundamental Physics Prize Foundation will honor leaders at the Large Hadron Collider and its CMS and ATLAS experiments with a special $3 million prize.

Illustration of grid of blue and purple squares 5X3 with coin stacks inside

Decay channel

When particles decay, they transform into lighter particles. Physicists can predict how often a particle will decay into certain end products.

Illustration of S2B:Thanksgiving in the Main Control Room

Thanksgiving in the Main Control Room

The daughter of the Tevatron particle collider’s Mr. Fix-It continues a tradition of providing cheer for operators stuck at work on the holiday.

Illustration of Journey to SNOLAB "Picasso" "Mini Clean" "COUPP" DEAP-360"

Voyage to SNOLAB

A growing number of scientists are looking for ways to join a dream team of experiments in a unique laboratory a mile and a half underground in Ontario. There, they seek to solve some of the biggest mysteries in physics today, including the case of missing dark matter.

Photo of Hurricane Sandy

East Coasters brave Hurricane Sandy to keep neutrino project on schedule

Hurricane Sandy hit the night before an important project review, but scientists, engineers and project personnel didn't let that stand in their way.

Photo of NuMI horn

Researchers propose machine for a clean, mean neutrino beam

Scientists hope to enlist the help of muons in their quest to find a fourth type of neutrino.

Photo of NOvA first block

NOvA: Exploring neutrino mysteries

On Monday, Sept. 10, crews finished installing the first block of the 14-kiloton NOvA detector. What will the experiment do?


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Summer school gives African students glimpse into lives in physics

This month, about 30 instructors and 50 students traveled from around Africa and the rest of the world to gather in Ghana for three and a half weeks of training in physics and computing.


Pierre Auger Observatory tests particle knowledge beyond reach of LHC

Scientists at the Pierre Auger Observatory recently tested the theory that governs the behavior of protons at energies inaccessible at the Large Hadron Collider.