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Illustration of four Rock 'Em Sock 'Em robots representing the four particles in the Sub Smackdown (blue, red, purple, green)

Photon declared champion

After a week of appreciation for each of the four particle contenders, the photon emerged as the winner in the Subatomic Smackdown.

Illustration of Renee Horton, NASA, planet, spaceship (red, black, blue, purple, grey, white, purple)

Bring a folding chair

National Society of Black Physicists President Renée Horton talks with Symmetry about finding a place to belong in physics.

Header/stich ATLAS, LLPs Displaced Jets

Not an ugly sweater party

University College London scientists make physics festive with sweaters and songs at their annual holiday gathering.

Photo of four researchers in red coats standing on white snow at the South Pole in front of a building

A win for physics and geology

For the first time, scientists have measured the rate at which high-energy neutrinos are absorbed by our planet, a development that could lead to discoveries about physics and the Earth.

Hands hold galaxies in the palm of their hands with dark matter particles swirling around

An international celebration of dark matter

Around the world, scientists and non-scientists alike celebrated the first international Dark Matter Day.

Constellations illustrate a love story

A play in parallel universes

Constellations illustrates the many-worlds interpretation of quantum mechanics—with a love story.

Illustration depicting two black holes circling one another and producing gravitational waves

Nobel recognizes gravitational wave discovery

Scientists Rainer Weiss, Kip Thorne and Barry Barish won the 2017 Nobel Prize in Physics for their roles in creating the LIGO experiment.

Photo of the Yates surface facilities at Sanford Lab, a white building surrounded by tree-covered mountains

Watch the underground groundbreaking

This afternoon, watch a livestream of the start of excavation for the future home of the Deep Underground Neutrino Experiment.

Happy birthday banner over mantle holding birthday cards

Another year wiser

In honor of Fermilab’s upcoming 50th birthday, Symmetry presents physics birthday cards.

Artist's conception shows two merging black holes similar to those detected by LIGO

At LIGO, three’s a trend

The third detection of gravitational waves from merging black holes provides a new test of the theory of general relativity.