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An illustration of Sibusiso Biyela with her laptop

Decolonizing science through sci comm

Science writer Sibusiso Biyela aims to bring science back to South Africa’s Zulu communities.

An illustration of various science experiments

The building boom

These international projects, selected during the process to plan the future of US particle physics, are all set to come online within the next 10 years.

Pictures of muon neutrinos, like a pile of evidence. The magnifying glass highlights one tau neutrino, in a "class pictures"

Waiting for a sign

Some scientists spend decades trying to catch a glimpse of a rare process. But with good experimental design and a lot of luck, they often need only a handful of signals to make a discovery.

Illustration of red, yellow, and blue abstract representation of a neural network and artificial intelligence

Neural networks for neutrinos

Scientists are using cutting-edge machine-learning techniques to analyze physics data.

Stained glass image inspired by Fibonacci numbers

Turning plots into stained glass

Hubert van Hecke, a heavy-ion physicist, transforms particle physics plots into works of art.

Illustration of two men in detached roller coaster car flying through space

Understanding the unknown universe

The authors of We Have No Idea remind us that there are still many unsolved mysteries in science.

Man and boy sitting on handmade raft with sail in water

How blue-sky research shapes the future

While driven by the desire to pursue curiosity, fundamental investigations are the crucial first step to innovation.

Illustration of left side: captain and crew on small boat in the ocean at night, daylight on right side

What ended the dark ages of the universe?

New experiments will help astronomers uncover the sources that helped make the universe transparent.

Group of students sitting on the floor talking

Hacking for humanity

THE Port humanitarian hackathon at CERN brings people from multiple industries together to make the world a better place.

Einstein and woman in game board, she is holding a want and pointing it at concentric circles in space

A primer on gravitational-wave detectors

Physicists are searching for gravitational waves all across the spectrum.