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Unanswered questions


Do you think scientists have the answers to all the questions? As these researchers admit, there’s still so much to discover. Particle physics is brimming with mysteries and unknowns.

Bring hundreds of smart physicists together and what do you get? Lots of questions!

This summer, more than 700 particle physicists from nearly 100 universities and laboratories across the United States came together on the University of Minnesota’s Twin Cities campus for the Snowmass Community Summer Study meeting. There, they discussed the decades ahead in US particle physics, carefully considering the next steps in their studies of energy, matter, space and time.

During coffee breaks, symmetry asked attendees to share open questions in particle physics. Here’s a sample of what particle physicists think about and what they hope to discover in the coming decades. (A poster of these questions is also available here.)

Whiteboard: Steve Wimpenny
Steve Wimpenny
University of California, Riverside
Whiteboard: Stefan Funk
Stefan Funk
SLAC/Stanford University
Whiteboard: Robin Erbacher
Robin Erbacher
University of California, Davis
Whiteboard: Kevin Lesko
Kevin Lesko
Berkeley Lab
Whiteboard: Erik Ramberg
Erik Ramberg
Whiteboard: Elizabeth Worcester
Elizabeth Worcester
Brookhaven National Lab
Whiteboard: Kanika Sachdev
Kanika Sachdev
University of Minnesota
Whiteboard: James Matthews
James Matthews
Louisiana State University
Whiteboard: Akiya Miyamoto and Hiroaki Ono
Akiya Miyamoto
High Energy Accelerator Research Organization
Hiroaki Ono
Nippon Dental University
Whiteboard: Jonathan Asaadi
Jonathan Asaadi
Syracuse University
Whiteboard: Herman White
Herman White
Whiteboard: Chien-Yi Chen
Chien-Yi Chen
Brookhaven National Lab
Whiteboard: Hao-Yi Wu
Hao-Yi Wu
University of Michigan
Whiteboard: Inga Karliner
Inga Karliner
University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign
Whiteboard: Ian Shipsey
Ian Shipsey
Purdue University
Whiteboard: Richard Ruiz
Richard Ruiz
University of Pittsburgh
Whiteboard: Marcelle Soares-Santos
Marcelle Soares-Santos
Whiteboard: Ren-Yuan Zhu
Ren-Yuan Zhu
Whiteboard: Wade Fisher
Wade Fisher
Michigan State University
Whiteboard: Paul Lebrun
Paul Lebrun
Whiteboard: Abigail Vieregg
Abigail Vieregg
Harvard University
Whiteboard: Altan Cakir
Altan Cakir
Whiteboard: Peter Onyisi
Peter Onyisi
University of Texas, Austin
Whiteboard: Brenda Dingus
Brenda Dingus
Los Alamos National Lab
Whiteboard: Pushpa Bhat
Pushpa Bhat
Whiteboard: Gabe Shaughnessy
Gabe Shaughnessy
University of Wisconsin
Whiteboard: Alysia Marino
Alysia Marino
University of Colorado
Whiteboard: Prisca Cushman
Prisca Cushman
University of Minnesota
Whiteboard: Rebecca (age 4)
Rebecca (age 4)
Daughter of Matthew Strait, University of Chicago
Whiteboard: I love symmetry magazine
Ian Shipsey
Purdue University


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