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Illustration of Valentine Physics
Artwork by Sandbox Studio, Chicago with Kimberly Boustead

Physics Valentines

In love? Or just the opposite? Express how you feel with physics-inspired Valentines—and anti-Valentines—courtesy of symmetry.

In the spirit of the approaching holiday, the staff of symmetry has created a set of physics-themed Valentines for you to share with the people who give you warmth and happiness. And—because we live in a universe that contains both matter and antimatter—we have also created a set of physics-themed anti-Valentines for you to share with the people who don't. (Mouse over the cards to flip them.)


Is your present (or soon-to-be former) love interested in producing Higgs bosons by crashing together pairs of protons in the Large Hadron Collider? One of these cards will be a smashing success:


illustration of Click to flip



Perhaps your favorite (or least favorite) person is more interested in neutrinos: hard-to-catch particles that come in a trio of different flavors. In that case, this Valentine’s Day greeting might be your best bet:


illustration of Click to flip



If you seek to rekindle (or extinguish) a romance with someone intrigued by the invisible elements of the cosmos, such as the yet-to-be-discovered dark matter, one of these cards might do the trick:


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Or perhaps the object of your desire (or ire) is more of a physics history buff. Just let Nobel laureate Max Planck—the founder of quantum theory and the physicist who calculated Planck’s constant—do the talking:


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Download the Valentines PDF to print your own cards! (Print double-sided.)


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