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Quantum entanglement

Through ‘spooky action at a distance,’ the properties of two systems remain correlated even after they are separated.


The great physics quest

In their search for fundamental truths, particle physicists have a lot in common with explorers everywhere. 


A model partnership

Bucking the “ivory tower” stereotype, particle theorists dive into Large Hadron Collider experimental searches and come up with a new way to look at the data.


Lylie Fisher: Beauty bubbles through

For artist Lylie Fisher, particle physics is much more than a field of science. It is art: "Like art, particle physics deals with the invisible," says Fisher. "One portrays emotional and spiritual experiences; the other studies unseen matter and energy.



Particle physics has been confronted with serious challenges in recent years, especially for the operation of colliders. Yet 2006 promises to be a great year for research in particle physics as well as photon science, and many exciting projects are underway.