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dimensions of particle physics

dimensions of particle physics

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Higgs boson

April 2014

  • April 18, 2014
    signal to background: Is the universe balanced on a pinhead?
    New precise measurements of the mass of the top quark bring back the question: Is our universe inherently unstable?

December 2013

  • December 20, 2013
    breaking: Physicists look toward the high-energy horizon
    A panel met at Brookhaven National Laboratory to chart the course for US investment in particle physics experiments.
  • December 3, 2013
    essay: Reading in the Higgs era
    Science writer Mike Perricone presents his favorite books on particle physics and a recommended reading list for the LHC/Higgs Era (2008 to the present).

October 2013

  • October 17, 2013
    breaking: Nobel Prize in physics honors prediction of Higgs boson
    Peter Higgs and Francois Englert, who developed key concepts in the theory that predicted the Higgs boson, will be awarded the 2013 Nobel Prize in physics.
  • October 1, 2013
    deconstruction: US participation in the Higgs discovery
    The search for the Higgs at experiments at the Large Hadron Collider was an international effort involving thousands of people, with physicists and engineers from US institutions playing a significant role throughout.

September 2013

  • September 6, 2013
    signal to background: Famous Higgs analogy, illustrated
    A Fermilab physicist and TED artists have created a short animation about the most famous description of the Higgs field.

August 2013

  • August 27, 2013
    explain it in 60 seconds: Neutrinoless double beta decay
    The observation of neutrinoless double beta decay would suggest that, by itself, the Standard Model Higgs cannot give mass to neutrinos.

July 2013

  • July 18, 2013
    signal to background: Real talk: Everything is made of fields
    Theorist Sean Carroll thinks it’s time you learned the truth: All of the particles you know—including the Higgs—are actually fields.

April 2013

  • April 19, 2013
    signal to background: Q&A with Fabiola Gianotti, Higgs hunter
    Symmetry sits down with Fabiola Gianotti, who recently finished an eventful four years as spokesperson for the ATLAS experiment at the Large Hadron Collider.

March 2013

February 2013

  • February 26, 2013
    logbook: Higgs-like particle
    Early in the summer of 2012, excitement reached a peak as members of the CMS and ATLAS collaborations confirmed among themselves that they would soon announce the discovery of what looked like the Higgs boson.
  • February 7, 2013
    commentary: The power of basic science
    Long-term funding and support for science pays huge dividends from unexpected discoveries and applications—even when the potential impact is unclear at the time of discovery.

January 2013

November 2012

  • November 20, 2012
    feature: A bouquet of options: Higgs factory ideas bloom
    Now that a Higgs-like boson has been discovered at the Large Hadron Collider, proposals to build colliders that churn out the new particle are gathering momentum.

October 2012

  • October 30, 2012
    feature: What else could the Higgs be?
    Scientists might need to go beyond the Standard Model to explain the mass of the Higgs-like boson observed at the Large Hadron Collider.

September 2012

August 2012

  • August 7, 2012
    breaking: Video: In the shadow of the Higgs
    If you're still unsure what all the "Higgsteria" was about, we have a new video for you.
  • August 2, 2012
    contest: Symmetry readers find the Higgs boson
    Scientists at the Large Hadron Collider weren’t the only ones to discover a Higgs-like particle. When we asked symmetry breaking readers to send us their own evidence of a Higgs boson, they sent a massive outpouring of creative candidates.