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EXO-200 resumes its underground quest

The upgraded experiment aims to discover if neutrinos are their own antiparticles.


A GUT feeling about physics

Scientists want to connect the fundamental forces of nature in one Grand Unified Theory.


The hottest job in physics?

Accelerator scientists are in demand at labs and beyond.


LHC data at your fingertips

The CMS collaboration has released 300 terabytes of research data.


Eight things you might not know about light

Light is all around us, but how much do you really know about the photons speeding past you?


Five fascinating facts about DUNE

One: The Deep Underground Neutrino Experiment will look for more than just neutrinos.


Art draws out the beauty of physics

Labs around the world open their doors to aesthetic creation.


Physicists build ultra-powerful accelerator magnet

An international partnership to upgrade the LHC has yielded the strongest accelerator magnet ever created.