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Revamped LHC goes heavy metal

Physicists will collide lead ions to replicate and study the embryonic universe.


Charge-parity violation

Matter and antimatter behave differently. Scientists hope that investigating how might someday explain why we exist.


Physicists get a supercomputing boost

Scientists have made the first-ever calculation of a prediction involving the decay of certain matter and antimatter particles.


Shrinking the accelerator

Scientists plan to use a newly awarded grant to develop a shoebox-sized particle accelerator in five years.


Cleanroom is a verb

It’s not easy being clean.


Giving physics students options

Many physics degree programs excel at preparing students for an academic career, but more than half of those who complete the programs head to industry instead.


Dark matter’s newest pursuer

Scientists have inaugurated the new XENON1T experiment at Gran Sasso National Laboratory in Italy.


Neutrino experiments win big again

The Fundamental Physics Prize recognized five collaborations studying neutrino oscillations.