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Viewing our turbulent universe

Construction has begun for the CTA, a discovery machine that will study the highest energy objects and events across the entire sky.


Hacking for humanity

THE Port humanitarian hackathon at CERN brings people from multiple industries together to make the world a better place.


Q&A: What more can we learn about the Higgs?

Four physicists discuss Higgs boson research since the discovery.


What to do with the data?

Physicists and scientific computing experts prepare for an onslaught of petabytes.


The origins of dark matter

Theorists think dark matter was forged in the hot aftermath of the Big Bang.


Is there a dark energy particle?

A theoretical particle that adapts to its surroundings could explain the accelerating expansion of our universe.


#AskSymmetry Twitter chat with Leonardo Senatore

See theorist Leonardo Senatore’s answers to readers’ questions about parallel universes.


In search of a parallel universe

What are parallel universes, and why do we think they might exist?