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New York Times

Welcome, earthlings, to the place of no return.


LHC arrives at the next energy frontier

Data collection has officially begun at the Large Hadron Collider.

The Guardian

Scientists hope restart of particle accelerator will reveal new particles.

The Verge

Round two of Humanity vs. Particle Physics has finally kicked off.

The value of basic research


How can we measure the worth of scientific knowledge? Economic analysts give it a shot.


Standard candle

Your birthday cake isn’t the only thing studded with lights. Bright lights in space tell us about dark energy, the size of the universe, and more.


Theater amongst neutrinos

In Gran Sasso National Laboratory’s cavernous Hall B, beneath 1400 meters of rock, amongst huge detectors of neutrinos and dark matter, Italian actor Marco Paolini spoke.


Shmoos of the Tevatron

Particles like the top quark weren’t the only characters to appear at Fermilab’s Tevatron.


The muon

Meet the Twinkie of particle physics: the muon.


One degree of separation: the Vietnam connection

Physicist Jean Tran Thanh Van, creator of one of the most prestigious particle physics conferences, is the king of connections.


Hunting dark matter with BaBar

Light dark photons? Dark Higgs bosons? Scientists look for signs of these weird-sounding particles in data from BaBar—an experiment designed to explain a completely different mystery.


The electron's dance

Paris’ Trocadéro science exhibition allows science enthusiasts to see—and even control—a real electron accelerator.