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Something goes bump in the data

The CMS and ATLAS experiments at the LHC see something mysterious, but it’s too soon to pop the Champagne.

Discovery News

CERN announced the discovery of the “pentaquark.”


Scientists at the LHC have announced the discovery of a new particle.


The exotic particle was confirmed after earlier false sightings.

How blue-sky research shapes the future


While driven by the desire pursue curiosity, fundamental investigations are the crucial first step to innovation.


Plasma accelerators: High quality, even by the slice

Researchers at Berkeley Lab have measured the quality of beam produced by a plasma accelerator, revealing that this novel type of accelerator may be better suited for light-source science than prev


Plasma accelerators: Finding focus

As physicists design new "tabletop" accelerators that power particles with plasma, they also need to reinvent the tools they use to view the beam.


Gravitational waves

If you could detect a bowling ball’s gravitational waves, you would know when someone threw the ball—even if you were standing outside the bowling alley.


Learning to play the dark matter boogie

A growing suite of computational instruments is helping scientists determine how fast local concentrations of dark matter move, which in turn could help them cut in on the dance of dark matter part


Bringing the universe into full focus

From supernova explosions to writhing tendrils of dark matter, visualizations give new life to models and theories.


A summer of (physics) code

This summer, seven young coding whizzes contributed to CERN projects through the Google Summer of Code program.


Video: Making an accelerator run

You're invited behind the scenes to see where klystrons, the devices that power particle accelerators, are born.


Electronics in an extra dimension

3D chips—smaller and more powerful than their 2D counterparts—are beginning to make an impact in industry.