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LHC physicists discover five-quark particle

Pentaquarks are no longer just a theory.

The Guardian

Cosmic rays provide a free source of high-energy collisions.

Phys Org

Today scientists announced that Fermilab has set a world record.

Daily Herald

DUNE would shoot neutrinos out to a detector 800 miles away.

Instrument finds new earthly purpose


Detectors long used to look at the cosmos are now part of X-ray experiments here on Earth.


Video: Making an accelerator run

You're invited behind the scenes to see where klystrons, the devices that power particle accelerators, are born.


Electronics in an extra dimension

3D chips—smaller and more powerful than their 2D counterparts—are beginning to make an impact in industry.


Time projection chambers: a milestone in particle detector technology

At the heart of many particle physics experiments sits a device with a catchy name: the time projection chamber.


Caring for the prairie

Volunteers at Fermilab continue the site’s rich history of environmentally responsible land management.


Nobel honors research by particle trappers

Serge Haroche and David Wineland, who opened a new era of research by building particle traps and experimenting with individual particles without destroying them, were honored with the 2012 Nobel P


Video: Understanding the underpinnings of the universe

What are the ultimate building blocks of reality? And what are the rules that govern them?


Panofsky Prize honors researchers' underground hunt for dark matter

The search for dark matter runs deep with physicists Blas Cabrera and Bernard Sadoulet, who have chased this mystery far underground and will be recognized for their work as joint recipients of the


Streaming science

What may be the world’s largest freestanding plastic structure is taking shape in Ash River, Minn. You’re invited to watch.