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A NOvA near detector block in its new home 350 feet underground

Neutrino detector block

A close look at the assembly of the NOvA near detector reveals a massive yet meticulous process.

Photo of Jonathan Rosner

The big questions

Through the “Snowmass” process, US particle physicists thoroughly considered the field’s most compelling unanswered questions and ways to realistically answer them.

Grid of eight physicists holding whiteboards with different physics questions

Unanswered questions

Do you think scientists have the answers to all the questions? As these researchers admit, there’s still so much to discover. Particle physics is brimming with mysteries and unknowns.

Physicists on Great Physics Quest

The great physics quest

In their search for fundamental truths, particle physicists have a lot in common with explorers everywhere. 

Photo of Q-weak experiment

Just how weak is the weak force?

Using a unique technique, the Q-weak collaboration has found the value of the weak force to be in agreement with theory—so far.

Photo of Breaking Snowmass Physicists

Physicists chart path forward

Through the “Snowmass” process, particle physicists discussed the field’s biggest unanswered questions and thoroughly analyzed the tools needed to answer them.

Illustration of US Map showing the Muon detector: "Big Move Fermilab"

Big move

For a little over a month this summer, a huge electromagnet slowly journeyed from New York to Illinois, offering great photo opportunities along the way.

Photo of Snowmass 2013 Opening

Scientists look to next decades in US particle physics

From the output of the "Snowmass" meeting, US particle physicists will chart a path to answering some of science’s most intriguing questions.

Photo of Muon g-2 arrival

Giant electromagnet arrives at Fermilab

The 50-foot-wide electromagnet for the Muon g-2 experiment has completed its five-week journey from New York to Illinois.

Photo of Kamiokande

T2K experiment catches neutrinos in the act

For the first time, an experiment has definitively observed the appearance of neutrinos that have changed from one type to another.