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Dark energy "Wanted" poster

What is dark energy?

It’s everywhere. It will determine the fate of our universe. And we still have no idea what it is.

Image of Legacy Survey

The universe at your fingertips

Raw images from the DECam Legacy Survey’s new image archive will appear online the day after they are taken.

Photo of DECam locates asteroid

DECam’s far-out forays

The Dark Energy Camera does even more than its name would lead you to believe.

Illustration of Flat Universe

Our flat universe

Not a curve in sight, as far as the eye can see.

Photo of Citizen Science

Physics for the people

Citizen scientists dive into particle physics and astrophysics research.

Photo of DECam on telescope

DECam’s nearby discoveries

The Dark Energy Camera does more than its name would lead you to believe.

Photo of M1M3 mirror

Mirror, mirror

After more than six years of grinding and polishing, the first-ever dual-surface mirror for a major telescope is complete.

Illustration of books on shelf "New physics books 2014"

New books for the physics fan

These recently published popular science books will help you catch up on particle physics news, knowledge and history.

Illustration of Astrostatistics made out of stars in the sky, connected by light path, forest on horizon below

The rise of astrostatistics

Astrophysicists and cosmologists are turning to statisticians to help them analyze an ever-increasing deluge of data.

Animation of Halloween Bad Neutrino

Costumes to make zombie Einstein proud

These physics-themed Halloween costume ideas are sure to entertain—and maybe even educate. Terrifying, we know.