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Raphael Granier De Cassagnac recently put his scientific skills to use creating a physics-themed video game.

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LSST Camera arrives at Rubin Observatory in Chile

The largest camera ever built for astrophysics has completed the long journey from SLAC National Accelerator Laboratory in California to the summit of Cerro Pachón in Chile.

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Tomorrow’s physics test: machine learning

Machine learning is becoming an essential part of a physicist’s toolkit. How should new students learn to use it?

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A physicists’ guide to the ethics of artificial intelligence

Physics may seem like its own world, but different sectors using machine learning are all part of the same universe. 

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AI for control rooms

Scientists inside and outside of particle physics and astrophysics are leaning on AI for assistance with complex tasks.

David Krause 55746 2024-05-01T07:19:42-0500 symmetry magazine
Machine learning and theory

Theoretical physicists use machine-learning algorithms to speed up difficult calculations and eliminate untenable theories—but could they transform what it means to make discoveries?

Madeleine O’Keefe 55742 2024-04-30T07:41:18-0500 symmetry magazine
Machine learning and experiment

For more than 20 years in experimental particle physics and astrophysics, machine learning has been accelerating the pace of science, helping scientists tackle problems of greater and greater complexity.

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A collaborative ecosystem

Physicists work with computer scientists in academia and industry to advance machine learning.

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Physics vocabulary: AI edition

Don’t know your convolutional neural networks from your boosted decision trees? Symmetry is here to help.

Emily Ayshford 55733 2024-04-18T06:59:45-0500 symmetry magazine
Symmetry’s guide to AI in particle physics and astrophysics

In the coming weeks, Symmetry will explore the ways scientists are using artificial intelligence to advance particle physics and astrophysics—in a series of articles written and illustrated entirely by humans.

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