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A Toroidal LHC Apparatus


Periodic table

Look at the periodic table of elements, and you’d be hard pressed to find an element that is not used in physics. But what are the most important elements for building accelerators, detecting particles, and solving the mysteries of the universe?


ATLAS shrunk

Carpenters working at particle physics labs are used to jobs their colleagues in private industry wouldn't dream of tackling.


Credit where credit is due

In the swirling sea of thousands of people who contribute to a major particle physics experiment, how can a young physicist pop to the surface and get noticed? An international committee offers ideas.


Web-watching the LHC experiments


The LHC express

As passengers boarded the train in a Berlin suburb, researchers from the Large Hadron Collider greeted them: “Imagine you are a proton and this train is the LHC tunnel. You will travel 37 km, slightly more than the 27 km it takes the protons to circle the LHC tunnel.”


Life at the LHC reaches fever pitch

As the big collider ramps up, four physicists talk about working late, finding time to play, and staying connected to family and friends.


Bonnie and the ArgoNeuTs

Inspired by heroes of Greek mythology, physicists are on a quest to find a cheaper, more efficient way to capture neutrinos—one of the strangest and most fascinating particles in the universe.


Monica Dunford: Meetings: You gotta have 'em, love 'em

Really? Really, guys? Did we really have more than five thousand meetings last year?


From eye to sight

Seeing is easy. We open our eyes, and there the world is–in starlight or sunlight, still or in motion, as far as the Pleiades or as close as the tips of our noses.


Short cuts for newcomers at the LHC

When Sal Rappoccio, a postdoctoral researcher from Johns Hopkins University, joined the Compact Muon Solenoid experiment in mid-2007, he did what any newcomer would do. He tried to start his analysis. It did not go well.