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Image of gamma-ray-only pulsar

Scientists pinpoint ‘very peculiar’ pulsar

Scientists studying five years of data from the Fermi Gamma-ray Space Telescope have found the first gamma-ray variable pulsar. But is it really what it seems?

Photo of Tiziano Camporesi

Former CMS deputy takes reins of experiment

Tiziano Camporesi becomes head of the CMS experiment as UC Santa Barbara physicist Joe Incandela’s term comes to a close.

active galaxy, matter falling toward a supermassive black hole creates jets of particles traveling near the speed of light

Astrophysicists use lens to study black-hole jet

Using an entire galaxy as a lens to look at an object in the far distance, researchers are learning more about powerful jets emitted when matter falls into a black hole.

Steven Ritz, physicist at the University of California Santa Cruz and chair of the P5 panel, presents at this week's P5 meeting

Physicists look toward the high-energy horizon

A panel met at Brookhaven National Laboratory to chart the course for US investment in particle physics experiments.

Photo of LEGO gorilla

CERN’s Lego scavenger hunt

Somewhere inside the CERN Computing Centre lurk a werewolf, a gorilla, a leprechaun and other tiny exotic creatures. How many can you find?

Photo of Fundamental Physics Prize 2014

The value of fundamental research

The winners and finalists of this year’s $3 million Fundamental Physics Prize convened to discuss strategies for elevating the public’s awareness and knowledge of theoretical physics.

Photo of Mu2e overview

Mu2e attracts magnet experts

By tapping into specialized knowledge around the world, the Mu2e collaboration will undertake a first-of-its-kind experiment. 

Photo of breaking: Chinese collider expands charm family

Chinese collider expands particle zoo

China’s Beijing Electron-Positron Collider seems to be hosting a reunion; members of a poorly understood family of particles keep popping up in their data, which may help clarify the properties of this reclusive family.

Photo of Breaking: P5 at SLAC

US particle physicists look to space

A panel met at SLAC National Accelerator Laboratory to look for promising routes to the study of dark matter, dark energy and other phenomena.

Photo of SCOAP3 illustration

10 journals to go open-access in 2014

As part of the SCOAP3 publishing initiative, 10 journals in high-energy physics will offer unrestricted access to their peer-reviewed articles, starting January 1.