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Photo of CERN excavation

CERN turns 60

CERN celebrates six decades of peaceful collaboration for science.

Image of Planck in space

Cosmic dust proves prevalent

Space dust accounts for at least some of the possible signal of cosmic inflation the BICEP2 experiment announced in March. How much remains to be seen.

Photo of AMS space

Pursuit of dark matter progresses at AMS

A possible sign of dark matter will eventually become clear, according to promising signs from the Alpha Magnetic Spectrometer experiment.

Photo of the sun

First measurement of sun’s real-time energy

The Borexino neutrino experiment in Italy found that the sun releases the same amount of energy today as it did 100,000 years ago.

Photo of Holometer from above

Holographic universe experiment begins

The Holometer experiment will test whether our universe is coded into 2-D packets many trillion times smaller than an atom.

Photo of DECam image

Dark Energy Survey kicks off second season

In September, DES will make data collected in its first season freely available to researchers.

Photo of FRIB

Rare isotopes facility underway at Michigan State

In July 140 truckloads of concrete arrived at Michigan State University to begin construction of the Facility for Rare Isotope Beams.

Image of trillion particles

Open access to the universe

A team of scientists generated a giant cosmic simulation—and now they're giving it away.

Photo of bullet cluster

US reveals its next generation of dark matter experiments

Together, the three experiments will search for a variety of types of dark matter particles.

Photo of MicroBooNE move

Massive neutrino detector moved into place

The 30-ton MicroBooNE detector, the cornerstone of Fermilab’s short-baseline neutrino program, will see neutrinos this year.