A joint Fermilab/SLAC publication
Photo of space warps lenses

Citizen scientists published

Amateurs and professionals share the credit in the newest publications from the Space Warps project.

Photo of Super-K empty

A new first for T2K

The Japan-based neutrino experiment has seen its first three candidate electron antineutrinos.

Image of Pentaquark

LHC physicists discover five-quark particle

Pentaquarks are no longer just a theory.

Photo of OPERA detector

OPERA catches fifth tau neutrino

The OPERA experiment’s study of tau neutrino appearance has reached the level of “discovery.”

Photo of 13 TeV applause

LHC arrives at the next energy frontier

Data collection has officially begun at the Large Hadron Collider.

Photo of 13 TeV screens

LHC achieves record-energy collisions

The Large Hadron Collider broke its own record again in 13-trillion-electronvolt test collisions.

Photo of CMS and LHCb 2

LHC experiments first to observe rare process

A joint result from the CMS and LHCb experiments precludes or limits several theories of new particles or forces.

Image of CERN / US handshake

The US and CERN upgrade their relationship

A new agreement paves the way for joint projects between the United States and CERN.

Image of First collision ATLAS

LHC sees first low-energy collisions

The Large Hadron Collider is back in the business of colliding particles.

Photo of Icarus

Italian neutrino experiment to move to the US

The world’s largest liquid-argon neutrino detector will help with the search for sterile neutrinos at Fermilab.