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Minnesota governor visits NOvA site


Saturday, May 15, marked a state holiday in Minnesota. Enthusiasts headed north to the annual Governor's Fishing Opener, the first day of the fishing season, in search of Minnesota's state fish, the walleye.

On Friday, Minnesota Gov. Tim Pawlenty stopped to visit Minnesota residents and visitors interested in a different type of catch: neutrinos.

Pawlenty took a quick tour of the future site of the NOvA neutrino detector facility in Ash River, Minn. The facility is not far from where Minnesotans cast their lines during this year's opener, Lake Kabetogama. Scientists and those managing construction held public tours on Friday before welcoming the governor.

Pawlenty expressed his support for conducting the research in Minnesota. But he didn't stay long; the afternoon clouds had begun to clear just in time for the Fishing Opener community picnic.

Watch a video of Minnesota Gov. Tim Pawlenty touring of NOvA site on YouTube.

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