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As I've written here before, I'm pretty busy these days working on INSPIRE, the system that will revamp and replace SPIRES. My colleagues at CERN, DESY, and Fermilab are also working hard to build something new and useful for the HEP community, while continuing to provide the SPIRES service, and in fact I'm writing this post from CERN, where many of us involved in INSPIRE are meeting to work on the project and get some good code written.

I've also written about SLAC's involvement in SCOAP3, which is a separate project, but also aimed at maintaining the high-quality of literature in the community. Many of us involved in INSPIRE are also supporters of SCOAP3's goal of Open Access to the peer-reviewed literature of HEP, and several of my colleagues are quite busy in this regard as well.

In the midst of all this work, my friend and colleague at the DESY library, Annette Holtkamp, somehow found time in to give an interview to a journalist about these projects that she's working on. The interview is very detailed and presents a really nice overview of both INSPIRE and SCOAP3. Since I am also involved in these projects, I was quite happy to see such a nice summary of what I've been working on this last year, reminding me what I have done, where I want to go, and why.

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